Steel shot steel sand is suitable for the following industries

1. Foundry industry: the foundry parts produced by general foundry enterprises need to be polished and polished, and different sizes of castings need different sizes of steel shot, the surface of the foundry shot peening treatment will not damage the original shape and performance.

2. Mold industry: in general, the mold is mostly cast more, and the mold itself requires smooth, shot blasting cleaning can be polished according to different requirements, will not damage the original shape and performance of the mold.

3 steel mill: steel mill production of steel, steel plate, when just out of the furnace, many burrs, will affect the quality and appearance of steel, through the use of steel shot shot blasting cleaning can deal with these problems.

4. Shipyard: the steel plate used by shipyard has rust, which will affect the quality of shipbuilding. The use of shot blasting cleaning can clear the rust and ensure the quality of shipbuilding.

5. Automobile factory: according to the requirements of the automobile factory, the steel plate and some casting parts need to be polished, but the strength of the steel plate should not be damaged. The original shape and the appearance of the casting parts should be clean and beautiful.Because the car parts are not very regular, it requires a different polishing machinery to complete.The need to use the shot blasting machine is: drum type, rotary table, track type, through the type of shot blasting cleaning machinery, different machinery to deal with different workpiece.

6. Hardware factory, electroplating factory: because the hardware factory and electroplating factory are required to clean the surface of the workpiece, smooth, smooth, shot blasting cleaning can solve these problems.

7. motorcycle parts factory: due to the small workpiece motorcycle parts, suitable for the use of drum shot blasting machine, if there is a large amount, the use of hook type or caterpillar type.

Post time: Feb-24-2021