Hot selling metal abrasive

Our company specializes in producing all kinds of metal abrasives. The main products are stainless steel cutting shot, cast steel shot, aluminum shot, zinc shot and copper shot.

At present, the products are widely used in the surface treatment of non-ferrous metal die castings, castings, aluminum profiles, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, hardware, pump and valve industries. It mainly focuses on removing the oxide skin on the product surface, burrs on the edge surface, surface roughening, Matt suburban fruit, leveling and strengthening, and derusting.

Stainless steel cut shot is commonly known as stainless steel wire cut shot. It is refined by wire drawing, cutting, polishing and other processes. It has a bright and rust free appearance and is round (cut shot, cylindrical).

Stainless steel cutting shot has moderate hardness, pure ingredients and large coverage. Because it has no defects such as pores and abnormal shapes of general cast steel shot, its service life is longer. The performance of this product can completely replace the imported products, and the price is significantly lower than that of imported products, saving costs for customers. After stainless steel shot cutting treatment, the surface of the casting is smooth without rusting, and no post-treatment such as pickling is required, which is conducive to environmental protection. You can select two different shapes of products: pre polished round and non pre polished cut shot.

Features bright appearance and original columnar shape. The application of spray polishing treatment on the surface of aluminum zinc or thin-wall workpiece has a significant effect on the workpiece surface. Application: it is mainly used for finishing, strengthening, matte, coloring and other surface processing of valves, electrical accessories, decorations and other workpieces.

Shape: cylindrical

Main chemical composition:

Al≈99.5%  Si<0.2%  Cu<0.04%  Zn<0.04%

Specific gravity: cylindrical 2.7g/cm3 hardness: 65-125hv specification: ∮ 1.0mm ∮ 2.0mm (the above are common specifications, and special specifications can be customized)

It can be used for surface spray polishing of aluminum, zinc or thin-wall workpieces. It can also be mixed with stainless steel shot in a certain proportion. It has a significant whitening effect on the surface of workpieces.


Post time: Jun-06-2022